Empowering youths to become positive and contributing members of society by providing them with training opportunities supported by counselling, mentoring, outreach and networking.


Youth Empowerment Workshops

These workshops are designed for youth at risk who need to upgrade their skills to obtain employment and become contributing citizens of society. Workshop topics range from computer skills to life skills and financial management.


Sports Program

The mission of the program is to use sports as an avenue to empower, train, change and restore hope to the youth at risk.


Computer Skills – Microsoft Office

The Youth Empowerment Assistance Centre offers Microsoft Office training courses. Microsoft Office proficiency is an essential skill in today’s competitive job market and youth need these skills to either look for employment or become an entrepreneur.

The Microsoft Office Training program is structured as skills-based training. Students are guided through each module by instructors with solid Microsoft Office and teaching experience. We provide workstations giving students the opportunity to apply and practice skills taught during each training module.


Life Skills Workshops

The Youth Empowerment Assistance Centre offers life skills workshops that teach various life skills that youth need to succeed as a contributing member of society. The workshops teach practical skills youth need for independence, healthy living and learning how to thrive in society. These workshops vary and we are continually adding workshops according to the needs of the youth at the centre.


The Technical Skills Empowerment Program (TSEP)

The Technical Skills Empowerment Program is designed as a trade apprenticeship program for youth with little or no work experience. The student works as a trade apprentice to a business owner who trains and mentors the student for a period of 3 months in the field of specialty to gain hands-on work experience.

Upcoming Workshops

Coming to YEAC in June 2017 and running through Summer 2017:

*Life Skills

*Computer Skills for the 21st Century

*Social Media & Internet Basics

*Entrepreneurial Leadership

*Effective Communication

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