Empowering children and youth with disabilities to have a full range of opportunities to participate meaningfully in the community.

Individual  Activities Working towards a safe and effective community where educational, vocational, personal and developmental counseling is offered. Planning a regular curriculum for special needs and children with behavioural, emotional, and psychological issues.

These interventions would provide a world of difference and benefits in behavioural and emotional benefits.

Group Activities: Trust and bonds are aimed to be worked upon through different guided activities Planning and implementing interventions for Learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Mild to Moderate M.R, O.D.D, Anxiety

Lot of creative therapies to enhance fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, social skills.

Vocational activities to be introduced to help special children merge into mainstream. Supervising staff providing special education such as speech therapists, special education, and volunteers.

Parental care: Creating support groups for parents of special children to rely upon, Conducting regular workshops for parents to overcome feelings of ‘burnt out’. Removal of social stigma. Planning structured outings for parents and children from time to time.