The Youth Empowerment Assistance Centre (YEAC) is an at-risk youth-focused, registered, non-profit organization founded by Dr. Olufemi Adegun, MSc.Eng, MBA, PhD, PMP, author, educator and youth matters expert. The YEAC mission is to assist youth at risk to become positive and contributing members of society by providing them with training opportunities in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Life Skills supported by counseling, mentoring, outreach and networking.


Introduction: Identification of Need

Our Society today is defined by a growing disconnection between the Youths and the Communities in which they live in. One of the early signs of this discontinuity is reflected in youth becoming at risk to the community by dropping out of school, in conflict with the law, in conflict with families and society at large.

But Research has shown that by providing the right support can make a big difference early in the lives of these youths. Young people who are supported by adults are more likely to maintain good relationships, avoid risky behavior, find better jobs and have a stronger sense of identity and belonging to the society than those who are not.

The ICAM Youth Empowerment and Assistance Centre was established to cater for the needs of these type of Youths and prepare them for good and positive adult lives.


Program  Outcomes

YEAC seeks to fund initiatives that achieve the following results.

  1. YEAC Counsellors  and Caregivers  develop the skills to support children and youths who are facing barriers and disengagement. Through this, vulnerable youths can build the skills that allow them to succeed in a positive environment.
  2. YEAC develops an evidenced based program that reduces levels of aggression among youths in conflict with the law by teaching them to manage their anger and problem solve with others. Through this life skills program,  youths facing barriers develop strong emotional and social skills.
  3. YEAC develops hands-on skills computer based programs, leadership and entrepreneurship skills to empower children and youths at risk. Through this, Youths learn the basic skills of Entrepreneurship and leadership roles to manage the enterprise. They can take an idea from start to finish and seek funding to make it possible. They can take care of their own lives and affect positively the world around them. They can take ownership, build confidence and be independent.
  4. YEAC develops social media and network programs to facilitate marketing and networking of enterprise. Through this,  youths learn modern ways of marketing their entrepreneurship ventures and avenue to network with other entrepreneurs.
  5. YEAC develops an Apprenticeship program that links the Youths at risk with SME Business owners to learn skill trades. Through this, youths can learn basic skills in a trade of interest and go on to establish their own businesses in future. They can volunteer, learn basic skills in a trade and gain the necessary experience to initiate a Start-Up.
  6. YEAC develops a Sports Outreach program that facilitates the development of healthy living and stress free lives. Through this, youths  can develop their innate talents and abilities towards positive emancipation and preparation for their future.
  7. YEAC develops an infrastructural based hubs and virtual offices where the Youths  at risk can use as temporary offices and where they can be mentored by coaches in their areas of entrepreneurship. Through this,  youths benefit from one-one intimate coaching with tested achievers and business owners.
  8. YEAC develops an Integration program for children of Newcomers to Canada. Through this, the necessary social, language, and networking skills are facilitated.